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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Trust20’s Food Handler Training differ from other food handler courses out there?

Trust20’s Food Handler Training is interactive, concise, and uses real life applications as examples. The course is accessible on your phone so you can start, stop, and finish at your own pace.

I need a Food Handler Certificate, how do I purchase the Course and take the Assessment?

Select "Buy Trust20 Food Handler Products" and select the state where you would like to purchase and choose the Online Training. You will need to enter your User ID and Password or create one. Then complete the purchasing screen information. Once you purchase the course, you may begin the training. Once you complete the nine modules and pass the assessment, you will receive a food handler certificate.

Is the Trust20 Food Handler Training course available online, or I have to take an in-person class?

The Trust20 Food Handler Training is an online course that does not require any in-person attendance.

How do I access my Food Handler Training course?

Upon purchase, you will be redirected to our Learning Management System and provided with the option to begin your course.

You will also receive an email with the link to access the Learning Management System and your course directly. That link will remain active so you can access your course and certificate as needed.

How do I print my certificate?

All learners with a current certificate are able to download or print an eCertificate. Log on to, select the Certificates tab, and can choose "Download Certificate" to print. You can also request a certificate be mailed to you for a $10 fee.

How do I properly refer to and use my Trust20 Food Handler Certificate?

You may refer to the certificate as a “Trust20 Food Handler Certificate” or “Trust20 Illinois Food Handler Certificate”. You may say you are a “Trust20 Food Handler Certificate Recipient.”

You and/or your managers may not say or imply that you are “certified,” “certificated,” “licensed,” “registered,” or “accredited” by the National Restaurant Association. Certificates may not be tampered with, and text or logos may not be added to them, without express written permission from the Association.

Does my Trust20 Food Handler certificate expire?

A Trust20 Food Handler Certificate is recognized by the National Restaurant Association for a three-year period. Confirm with your state regulatory requirements or employer requirements as they can vary. You can contact your local health department to answer specific questions.

Is my Trust20 Food Handler certificate accepted in other states, counties, and cities?

Trust20’s Food Handler certificate is recognized in most states where Food Handler training is required. Confirm with local regulations by contacting your local health department to verify acceptance as some states have additional requirements.

Does my city, county or state require a food handler certification in addition to Trust20’s Food Handler Certificate?

Confirm your local regulatory requirements with the local health department to get complete, detailed information. They will be able to provide complete details and any associated costs.

Does my city or state require a certain number of hours of study for a Food Handler Certificate to adhere to local laws and/or regulations?

When you begin a registration for a Trust20 Food Handler Course, a summary of your state’s local requirements will appear. Confirm the specific details of your regulatory requirements by contacting your local health department.

Are there prerequisites to taking the Trust20 Food Handler Training or Assessment?

No, the Trust20 Food Handler Training and Assessment are available to any person who wants to learn about the fundamentals of safe food handling methods.

What languages are available for the Trust20 Food Handler Training and Assessment?

The Trust20 Food Handler Training and Assessment is currently available in English and Spanish.

How do I check my progress on the Trust20 Food Handler Training?

Log into your account on, select “Trust20 Food Handler,” and view the progress information displayed next to your active course. A percent of how much of the course has been completed will appear.

What is a passing score on the Food Handler Assessment?

You will need an 80% to pass the assessment and receive your Trust20 Food Handler Certificate.

How many times can I attempt the Trust20 Food Handler Assessment?

The assessment allows three attempts. If you do not pass after the third attempt, you will need to purchase a new course. The course and assessment will both close once you pass.

When will I receive my Trust20 Food Handler Assessment results?

Online assessment results are available immediately once you have completed it. Learners have three attempts to pass the assessment. Upon receiving a passing score, you can then print your certificate.

What do I do if I have questions about my Trust20 Food Handler Assessment score?

You can contact our support team at with any questions regarding your assessment results.

Does my Trust20 Food Handler Training expire?

Yes, a Food Handler Training is available for one year from the date of purchase. Once you begin the course, it must be completed within 60 days. There are no extensions. A course cannot be accessed once it expires, and online courses are not refundable.

How do I know if my course is expiring?

A course learner will receive two emails prior to course expiration. The first notice will be sent 14 days before the course expires. The final notice will be issued three days before the course expiration. Someone who has assigned the course will receive a notice 30 days before the course expires. The report will outline unassigned and assigned courses that are going to expire.

What are the purpose and objectives of the Trust20 Food Handler Training?

The training course exists to provide and assess an understanding of the fundamentals of safe food handling methods. The course objectives include nine modules: Importance of Food Safety, How Food Becomes Unsafe, Employee Health & Personal Hygiene, Receiving & Storing Food, Cross-Contamination, Preparing & Handling Food, Time & Temperature Control, Cleaning & Sanitizing, and Pest Control.

What are the course requisites to earn a Food Handler Certificate?

In order to ensure that all learners receive the same instruction prior to completing the assessment the following requisites were developed:

  • Learners must complete all the course activities to ensure they have received the intended instruction on each learning objective. Each module activity must be completed before you are allowed to move forward and you cannot access the exam until all activities have been completed. Previously completed content can be reviewed at any time until the exam begins.
  • Learners must pass the course exam with a 70% or higher (21 of 30 questions must be answered correctly) and you are able to take the assessment 3 times before the course automatically resets and they must start over.

What do I do if I lose my certificate?

If you lose or misplace their certificate, you may log into their account to print a copy of the e-certificate.

How do I know when my Food Handler Certificate is expiring?

  • Learners will receive notification 30 days prior to the certificate expiration date reminding them to renew their certificate.
  • Customers who purchase multiple seats for their employees may check the status of employee certificates by logging into their admin profile in the Learning Management System.

How much does the Food Handler course and certificate cost?

  • The course and certificate are $15. No higher fee shall be charged which would violate any state, county, or city regulations. Fees lower than $15 may be offered for group purchases and promotional purposes.

What is Trust20’s cancellation and refund policy?

  • All sales on Trust20’s courses are final, non-transferable, and non-refundable. The Food Handler course is available for a year once purchased and 60 days once you begin the training. There are no extensions to these terms.

What information do you collect and how do you use it?

  • We collect your name, email address, phone number, address, and payment information. That information is treated as confidential and not disclosed to parties other than the individuals providing it (you) or the certificate issuer (Trust20).

How are complaints related to exams, assessments or certificates resolved?

Our team will work promptly (within 30 calendar days) to resolve any complaints. You can submit complaints through THIS LINK

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